Best E-Liquid Flavors – Apollo, Halo and Green Smoke

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E-cigarettes have long been embraced by the market and the smokers, alike. For efficient use, they are bought alongside with e-liquids, which are combusted to produce the vapor. These cigarettes have an added advantage over the traditional ones. Firstly, because of the health standard followed by the cost –friendliness. Moreover, they have a greater vaping experience too! Sticking to the matter the best companies that produce e-cigs are halo, Apollo and green smoke. Their brands are accompanied by sophisticated e-liquid brands and favors that leave customers craving for more. If you are looking for the best flavors, below is a simple review on the three brands.

Review of Apollo Ecig Flavors

Apollo provides the largest variety when it comes to flavors and e-liquids. Usually, they can be put in all three types of Apollo starter kits. They also give a great vapor production when used by powerful batteries.
To start with are the best e-liquid drinks. Usually, they are flavored and they have a lot of fruit scent and color. They include the classic tobacco, classic tobacco menthol, razzle, rocky road, mango peach, RY4, Sahara, vanilla and the strawberry. These form the highest rated in the rank. Other favorites include, green apple, almond see, banana cream, the blueberry Kona coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, clove and the French vanilla. Apollo brand e-liquids come in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles. Most of these have large discounts when bought in bulk. Occasionally, a 10% discount is generally available. To add on, apollo promo codes and coupon codes are applicable for other discounts in case you buy the product online. Another easier way to get a discount is to subscribe to their daily mails, when you buy directly with your mail when notified discount is guaranteed. These e-liquids have a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping, if goods bought are of high costs. Their customer care is also very efficiently.

Review of Halo Ecig Flavors

If you are a great reader of the Spinfuel magazine, then you probably know the best e-cig company, Halo. Their products are perfected masterpieces from the g6 to the triton tank system. What can we comment about the halo flavors and e-liquids? Great! First, their premium liquids are up to standard. They seem to be pros in manufacturing e-liquids especially the tobacco flavors and blends. The most prolific ones are the peppermint and the halo midnight apple. Other favorites include the prime 15, HX3, southern classic, voo doo, Tribeca, cool mist, subzero, menthol ice, captain jack, mocha, twisted lava, Belgian cocoa, Malibu, shamrock, kringles curse and the mystic menthol. The other not so popular one is the torques brand. Moreover, they have coupons codes and discounts which enable you to get cheaper goods. When bought in discounts, these e-liquids also attract lower purchase cost.

Review of Green Smoke Ecig Flavors

Green smoke despite being one of the best e-cig companies it has the most expensive goods. One pack of e-liquids goes for $ 16.99. One pack has five flavors. Never the less, cheap is expensive. Cheaper e-liquids have low quality and quantity unlike the green smoke which offers the some of the best flavors. Their e-liquids have strength of 2.4%, full to a 1.8% and are nicotine free. It is the best for parties since it has no addiction strings attached. To add on, the e-liquids are a combination of PG and VG simply for best quality. Green smoke company offers promo codes and discounts too for the tight budgeters. A 10% is issued normally, when the goods are purchased online. From stores, you need to purchase them in bulk to enjoy some discounts.

In conclusion, the battle of who has the best e-liquids-has been ongoing for some time now. For beginners all are good. However depending on variety, costs and flavors they differ. So you need to make your own choice. Enjoy vaping!

Apollo E-cig and Halo E-cig Review

Electronic cigarette in short e-cig is nowadays a popular device to the smokers as well as the nonsmokers. The device is fashionably standard and can be used as a substitute of usual tobacco cigarettes. In some recent years the usages of electronic cigarettes have been increased drastically. However, there are some places all over the world where it has some adverse effects. Some people still think that it is not necessary to increase the usages of electronic cigarette. On the other hand, some people believe that e-cigs have been tremendously effective in decreasing harmful tobacco smoking. With this controversial impacts Apollo and Halo e-cigs are leading there business and are still on the top most position to enhance their popularity.

Review of Apollo ecigs and Halo e-cig

Apollo e-cigs are very different and unique in their design. Moreover, it has a grand look to attract the customers. It has got an appealing container too. In addition, both Apollo and Halo e-cigs are providing most important customization options. Now you will be able to customize your device in your way. However, Apollo electronic cigarette has got all the facilities to get started immediately. There are five different nicotine strength in Apollo electronic cigarette. This device is able to fulfill the demand of all level of smoker. You will find the mild level or zero level nicotine if you are a starter of e-cig use. On the other hand, the advanced level smoker will be able to meet their demand. Moreover, all other necessary requirements for an e-cig are existed in Apollo e-cig. In contrast, Halo electronic cigarette is also demandable with its multi-color device. You can easily order your suitable color for the device. There are black, white, pink, blue, green, purple, etc. However, a 5-pack e-cig by Halo will provide you a different nicotine strength starting from 0.6 to 4.8 in its level. It will be suitable for all level of smokers. On the other hand, you can get a customized battery option. There are strong battery to be set up. It will increase the long time usage facility. Moreover, you are in the way to choose your option.

Apollo and Halo electronic cigarette coupon code

Apollo electronic cigarette has variety in its price, this is why it has got variety in its discounts as well. Through coupon codes facility you will find around 15% discount in its total price. The usual price differs from $60 to $120. Therefore, you can get $10 to $20 real money discount in every purchase. On the other hand, Halo electronic cigarette which can be purchase for only $45 to $89 can still be lower with the 5% discount code. However, considering the market competition is providing almost 15% discount Halo cigs should give more coupon codes and discounts away.

In conclusion Both the Halo electronic cigarettes and Apollo electronic cigarettes are popular because of their long lasting batteries. You can use them more around two hours of vaping. Through positive use of these devices, the platform of electronic cigarette in world market can be established permanently.

The Advantages Of Choosing Blu Cigs and V2 Cigs


In these modern world where people are getting more intelligent and self conscious, more and more people are seeing how dangerous tobacco smoking is and because of this, more and more people are seeing the importance of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. Many people have already switched and testified that their life truly had changed for the better because of E-cigarettes. It gave them the same feeling and taste of smoking minus all the harmful chemical, foul smell and ashes of real cigarettes. However, there are also many people that are saying that they are disappointed in vaping and that it really does not live up to the expectation and cant compare to the real thing. So why are there two sides of the story? Simple. They didn’t try the same E-cigarette brands.

The secret to really making it into the vaping world and finally saying goodbye to tobacco cigarettes and all its harmful side effects is by choosing the best electronic cigarette brands to use. There are e-cig brands that can leave you with broken parts and unsatisfying performance and there are E-cig brands that can totally rock your world and make you stay vaping for good. Two of these brands are Blu cigs and V2 cigs.

Blu cigs and V2 cigs are two of the best E-cigarette brand that had been around for years now and served millions of vapers already, so you are sure to have a great vaping experience with them. Both have high quality E-cig products that were built by engineers in a state of the art facility and undergo strict batch testing and quality assessment test. Both can produce thick vapor and a nice throat hit that will truly replicate your smoking experience. Both also have great flavors that will satisfy your taste. From traditional tobacco flavors to exotic flavors such as cherry and cola there will surely be something that would satisfy your taste buds. For a more in depth review for V2 cigs and review for Blu cigs you can visit today. It is the best site for electronic cigarette reviews.

Blu cigs main advantage is its huge collection of retail stores all around the US, you can absolutely get one at any gas stations, groceries and supermarkets. Another one of its advantages is its unique Blu cigs pack that really looks like a e-cigarette pack which fits perfectly in your palm and in your pockets. On the other hand, V2 cigs main advantage is its huge collection of products allowing customers to customize their E-cigarettes in their own liking. V2 cigs have different battery sizes, battery types, battery colors, flavors, E-cig accessories, casing and many more to choose from. It is also worth noting that V2 cigs have the best customer service in the industry. Their lifetime warranty, great delivery and shipment handling and their knowledgeable and respectful customer support thoroughly standsout.

Blu cigs coupon and V2 cigs coupon

If you are planning to buy Blu cigs and V2 cigs now, then here’s an added help for you. Here are Blu cigs coupons and V2 cigs coupons we’ve found at our friends at Use them when you buy at Blu cigs and V2 cigs and get to save as much as 25% off in your purchases.

Start Your Family Tree Online By Using


Building up one’s family tree had become one of the favorite past time of Americans these past few years. This used to be only for the rich and famous but today, more and more people are doing it. This is because the online world had made the process a lot easier and cheaper. No need to hire researchers, no need to travel to places and get record files. Now, just by doing an online search, you can trace your family tree.

Tracing your family is a very rewarding task as you may never know what you will find out. You may reconnect with family members that you don’t know exist or you can even take pride on being related with someone famous. Here are some of the ways you can start your family online.

Databases and Search Engines
There is a wealth of material available on the web, and it is being added to every day. Simply type in the names of your family members in search engines and you can get instant results. You may even discover that they have a social media account and can connect with them. Just make sure that when you search names through search engines, put a quotation mark at the start and end of the name eg. “John Smith”, to narrow down the search result into the specific term. You can also search for databases as more and more organizations and public records are being digitized and made available online – like nursing test results or bar examination.

Free Genealogy Sites
There is so much information on search engines that you may find it hard to check if everything is right. Because of this, genealogy sites emerge. A site that collect all the information offline and online and made it available to one place, in order to make the search easier for you. First of all, there are FREE genealogy sites such as and

Paid Genealogy Sites
Free genealogy sites are good places to start with, however none of these is guaranteed to hold all the records that you want and is often limited, because it is only free. The bottom line in a successful genealogical research is that you are going to have to pay for it to get top and verified information. If you feel that paying a little sum of money for paid genealogy sits is worth it, then just think of the money you will consume if you will do the research the old way were you will pay travel fees etc.

So to start with, which site is the right site to put your money on? is the answer to that. is the best site for starting and tracing your family tree and you would not be disappointed with their service. Furthermore, if you are looking for an affordable price, then you can just get this coupon code: (free trial) to get started. Enjoy!

20% Off Blu Cigs Coupon To Help You Switch Today


Are you thinking of finally turning your back on traditional cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes but there’s still some doubt in your mind? Well here’s something that will surely help you decide to switch. We’ve found some awesome Blu cigs coupons that we want to share to you. Get this 20% off Blu cigs coupon and more when you visit today.

External Resource:

It is proven that one of the things that hinder smokers to switch to Blu cigs is because of the initial price they need to invest. With you’ll never have this problem as their blu cigs coupons can cut your cost for as much as half. The site is on the business of helping people save money through electronic cigarette coupons. So take advantage of their discount code today and experience the many advantages of vaping.

Why switch to Blu cigs?
We all know it, cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health. Even the makers of cigarettes put it in their labels. But still we choose not to hear the warning and still smoke because we dont have a choice. Other nicotine substitute just cannot level to the experience we have by smoking Not anymore! Blu cigs can give you the same feeling minus all the thousand chemicals (including 60 cancer causing carcinogens) cigarettes have which makes it a healthier alternative. It has the same size as real cigarettes, both are lightweight, it has classic cigarette colors which are black and white and it can give you the same satisfying feeling you get (and even more!) with traditional cigarettes. From the “smoke like vapor”and tobacco flavors to the throat hit and nicotine dose, you’ll have the same experience minus all the nasty effects cigarettes have.

Why choose Blu cigs and not other brands?
Blu cigs is a very established E-cig brand in the industry that was established in 2009. They are known for their high quality E-cigarettes and for being the very first E-cig brand who manufactured their E-liquids here in the USA by partnering with famous American juice maker Johnson Creek. When you are just starting, you probably would want to start with an already well known name in the industry and not just any other brand that may leave you with broken parts and leaky E-cigarettes..

Blu cigs is also hailed as the best electronic cigarette brand for beginners like you. They have just the right amount of power in their batteries that will not be overwhelming, their flavors are deliciously made to make the transition easier and the overall look of their products is made to replicate real cigarettes perfectly – even their Blu cigs pack is the same size as a traditional cigarette pack. Furthermore, Blu cigs are also the most dominant brand in the brick and mortar world. You can buy one in gas stations, groceries and supermarkets. The accessibility power of
Blu cigs make transition to E-cigs much easier as let’s face it, online shopping is great but nothing feels better than getting your hands on the things before you even review blu cigs.

So what are you waiting for? Get these blu cigs coupons today!

V2 Cigs Coupons During Cyber Monday Sale Set Record Numbers

For anyone who’s always wanted to ditch the bad habit, it’s about time you go to cold turkey on smoking. The e-cigarette trend is going nowhere, and lucky for you, e-cigarettes and ecig reviews are available practically everywhere! Plus, since I’m not yet totally over Cyber Monday, I’ll share with you some amazing discounts, coupons and promotional offers I found on the biggest sale day of the year.

V2Cigs, also known as America’s #1 E-Cigarette Retailer, basically threw in 25% off everything they carry in store (without v2 coupon codes). That’s right – EVERYTHING – including their beginner starter kits, platinum e-liquid refills, flavor sampler cartridge kits, batteries and charger kits. An additional v2 cigs 25% off discount is such an incredibly good deal, considering their products are already in affordable price points.

Plus, e-cigarettes are generally more budget-friendly than cigarettes in the long run.

If you haven’t heard about V2Cigs before, it’s about time you do!

Not only is V2 eCigs a popular retailer, they’ve also served over 1 million customers since its founding year and are reported to be bringing in over $100 million in revenue every year.

They became America’s most preferred retailer because of its user-friendly, two-piece design where the atomizer is located within the flavor cartridge. Their e-liquid flavor cartridges come in ten different varieties and are available in different nicotine strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine or 0% nicotine. Their flavor carts also come in different tobacco flavors namely: Red, Congress and Sahara. They also have other delicious e-liquid flavors such as Peppermint, Mint Tea, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry and Cola. Aside from its premium e-cigarette technology, the company is also known to provide good customer service to its clients, making it a favorite retailer for e-smokers everywhere.

And while sadly promotional Cyber Monday v2cigs discounts had to happen only just for one day, the good news is that V2Cigs is not one to scrimp up on giving their customers personalized v2 coupon codes every now and then. In fact, keep checking on their site, so you can avail a generous discount every now and then!

V2 Cigs Review

If you’re just going to purchase your first e-cigarette ever, V2Cigs has a Beginner Starter Kit that’s worth every penny.
At less than $40, it’s the simplest and most affordable way to get started. Our v2 cigs review kit comes with everything you need to make the switch to e-cigarettes. Not only is it an excellent choice for first-time electronic cigarette users, it’s an excellent way to get started on this healthier alternative. The V2Cigs Beginner Starter Kits are available in two of the most popular flavors namely V2 Red or V2 Menthol. Plus, it comes with 1.8% nicotine strength. Each beginner kit also includes a standard white automatic battery, a six-pack of flavor cartridges and an express charger. At least the v2 kit we reviewed.

Best of all, the affordable V2 Beginner Starter Kit is definitely more budget-friendly too, considering $40 is so much less than the cost of 5 packs of cigarette that will normally last a regular smoker a week or two!

Coupon Tip

If you’re a fan of V2cigs, Our authors like to highly recommend Halo cigs as well. Halo cigs is another leading e-cig manufacturer and has similar, but not as awesome,  Halo ecigs coupons for 2014 @

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Karmaloop Offers Shoppers a Pretty Sweet Deal for Cyber Monday…

Do you want to know the best thing about the holidays?

No, it’s not the Thanksgiving feasts or the no-work holiday. More than just enjoying a fat slice of roast turkey and taking the day off to spend time with our loved ones, what we really love most about the holiday season are the insanely low prices for all the gadgets, shoes and clothes we need, want, crave and love. Aren’t Black Friday and Cyber Monday just the best time to shop?!

If you’re looking for amazing deals for your favorite street wear brands, you better check out Karmaloop’s online store now. They carry virtually everything from apparel and skate gear to home décor and toys. It’s like a one-stop-shop for street wear aficionados.

Karmaloop was founded by Greg Selkoe back in 2000 to provide edgy and stylish like-minded individuals with easy access to hard-to-find boutique street wear brands.

Fast forward 13 years later, Karmaloop now carries over 500 brands in its product repertoire including Paul Frank, BLVCK SCVLE, HERSCHEL SUPPLY, Jeffrey Campbell, Obey, RVCA, Vans, SUPRA, Diamond Supply Co., Altamont, LRG, KR3W, and HUF, among many others. The online store also carries private label clothing brands namely Amongst Friends, Advocate, KLP, Orisue, Pilot Licensing, Society Original Products, Sons of Liberty, Spool & Thread, and VGB.

We know 500 brands may be pretty hard to believe – but we figured we’d let their online shop speak for itself – and we guarantee you wouldn’t be shopping anywhere else. And because online stores are pretty big on Cyber Monday, Karmaloop isn’t one to skimp out on giving their shoppers a pretty sweet deal!

Only for today, Karmaloop is offering its customers the following discounts when you use the PROMO CODE: “CYBERVISION” at checkout:

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Plus, if you’re looking for more savings, sign up for an account at, or and take advantage of their additional 4.5% cashback for all your Karmaloop purchases all-year round.

And guess what, even if Cyber Monday is over, you can also use the following KL coupon codes at to avail of discounts from their site:

1.     Code: VISION30

Deal: 30% off any order.

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Seriously though, what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of Karmaloop’s Cyber Monday deal and coupon codes, and cop the latest street wear to boost your street cred.

From skate accessories and gloves to knit tops and denim jeans, we guarantee Karmaloop’s online shop has everything you need to dress in style from head to toe.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!